Photo albums are great but they do not let you enjoy your memories the way digital photos do. Once we scan all of your photos they can be made into custom web albums, uploaded to sites like Face-book, reprinted at any size and archived on Data-DVD for safekeeping.

Having your photos scanned to digital files is the best way to ensure that they are preserved and do not fade away. After your photos digitized it is a simple task to share the images with you family and friends.

We offer: High-resolution images • Pictures from wallet size to 11” X 14” • Include cards, news clippings, etc! • Choose your own music • Dissolves and fades for smooth photo transitions • Titles and captions • Photo touch-up and restoration • Digitally archived masters for easy duplication & reordering

1-99 = 95¢ each. | 100-249 = 80¢ each | 250-499 = 60¢ each. | 500-999 = 50¢ each | 1,000-UP = 40¢ each

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