We  provide video coverage for nearly any type of sporting event. Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, Field Hockey and Figure Skating to name a few.

We can provide a single videographer or a full video crew to cover the game. The sporting event can be delivered on DVD, Blu-Ray or via streaming video / download. Online delivery makes it easy to let all of the participants view the game.

We also offer video coverage focusing on a single player for the purposes of creating a demo video for colleges or sports recruiters.

We archive all of the video footage and final versions here on our servers. The video can be accessed at any time later as needed.

We record events using only new high-end digital video cameras. Our full video editing capabilities allow us to use the footage to create any sort of video you might desire.

Our Sport Videography Coverage serves primarily eastern Wisconsin but we travel as far as needed with a reasonable travel fee.

Milwaukee (414) 488-0001 | Sheboygan (920) 547-2757